HAROM's  Messege

Impossible? I'm Possible !!

"Which is based on the slogan of "

It is a company with a small but strong belief in the Republic of Korea that challenges the fields that others can not.


Harom was founded in 2011, and

I started doing various tasks.

In the early days, HAROM mainly engaged in trade negotiations and patent research

It was a company that proceeded, and its main patent is oatmeal.


Currently, the manufacturing technology of oat noodle is registered as a domestic patent, and a patent is being registered in the United States. In addition, patent pending technology such as makkolli nuruk distillery technology using pure oatmeal is under study and we are studying bread made from pure oatmeal.


In addition, HAROM has started export business in earnest since 2016, not just in trade negotiations.


Currently, we are in the process of exporting to overseas market by concluding an export sales contract with various small and medium sized companies hoping to export as well as large companies such as Jinro Mason, Ottogi, Dongwon and CJ Freshiwon. We are in the process of importing.